WorkTech / Bruce Daisley / VP EMEA / Twitter

“People who take lunch enjoy their weekend more.” This quote comes from Bruce Daisley VP EMEA at Twitter this week on the Shiny New Object podcast.

Outside of his Twitter gig Bruce is the host of the #1 Business podcast - Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat. The podcast is an investigation into happiness in the workplace. And with stats like “The average person has 16 hours of meetings per week” and “meetings have 0% effect on creativity” - then the ad industry needs to listen up.

Bruce is also a self confessed “laughter enthusiast” and is fixated about it’s positive impact in the workplace. He tells us that there have been 50,000 papers written about anxiety but only about 17 about laughter. Stress kills creativity and laughter kills stress - is the message.

Bruce’s shiny new object is ‘Work Tech’ which is the technology behind tracking the movement, mood and creative health in the workplace. If you want to be part of one of our industry’s true leaders journey to reinvent modern work - then this podcast is a great first step

Tom Ollerton