Carat / Programmatic / Dan Calladine / Head of Media Futures

“The best marketing books aren’t about marketing - they just have some marketing stuff in them.” This quote comes from Dan Calladine Head of Media Futures at Carat this week on the Shiny New Object Podcast. This insight is typical of Dan who has a knack of telling us something obvious that we hadn’t realised. In the course of an hour we find out that “older people are the most valuable marketing audience” and that “you can read any marketing book in four hours.” But it’s not all high-level stuff. As well as being one of the most influential innovation people in town he’s also influential in food. His @londonpopups profiles on instagram and twitter are sizeable audiences. What makes Dan so intriguing is his interest in the nuances of the social platforms but also the mastery of the macro. Dan’s shiny new object is ‘programmatic’ which he manages to beautifully describes without using any TLAs (three letter acronyms). There’s a lot to learn in this podcast from this engaging thinker and doer that I was proud to spend an hour with.

Tom Ollerton