Diageo / AR / Jerry Daykin / Head of Digital Media Partnerships

“You could say I’m the father of AR marketing” this (tongue in cheek) quote comes from Jerry Daykin Head of Digital Media Partnerships at Diageo. Jerry works at a brand, he talks about innovation AND gets innovation projects live - how often does that happen!? He did the first Shazamable ad in the UK and the ran first brand campaign on Blippar. And he’s not just a new platform junkie, his marketing knowledge is wide and deep. If you follow #digitalsense on twitter you will find a global marketing conversation that centres around him. Jerry’s shiny new object is Augmented Reality because “if AR becomes the OS of the future - Facebook becomes obsolete.” This is punchy stuff from a man who knows his onions. And he doesn’t stop there as he tells us “there’s a battle going on to be the AR operating system.” It was a rare treat to get Jerry’s undivided attention for an hour and there’s a lot to learn in this interview especially why he gets asked if he “feels morally responsible for the state of social.”

Tom Ollerton