Benefit Cosmetics UK / Influencers / Lauren Spearman / Digital Manager

“I don’t want to work with an influencer that’s fourteen years old” this quote comes from Lauren Spearman Digital Manager at Benefit Cosmetics this week on the Shiny New Object podcast. Lauren hates the use of the word “authentic” when talking about influencers and rolls her eyes at the industry that lazily relies on it. Lauren is a micro-influencer in her own right and prepared for the podcast by running a poll with her own instagram followers. Lauren warns us about working with influencers who ditch their credibility for dollars by becoming “an advert machine”. I’m sceptical about the creative possibilities of influencer marketing and grill Lauren on whether it should be the brand or the agency who should find the talent. We get into the future of this discipline and discuss the role of AI influencers. We also get into Yin Yoga, emotional intelligence training and her experience of career coaching. Lauren is an inspirational character who is brutally open and honest about her weaknesses and tackles them head on.

Tom Ollerton