The Stackies / Julie Woods-Moss / Ex-CMO and Innovation Officer / TATA Communications

“95% of marketers are afraid of tech and don’t know how to use it properly” this quote comes from Julie Woods-Moss the ex CMO and Innovation Officer at TATA Communications. In 2017 Julie was named the 17th most influential CMO globally by Forbes.

She tells us that “agility and speed are the holy grail of marketing” and that “being quick is better than being perfect.” In this candid interview Julie talks about how she was fired by her agency how that feels and why that was a good thing.

We get into detail on networking and how it “is joyful if it is in the service of others.” Julie researches all the speakers she is interested in before she goes to conference and introduces herself. She calls this “putting in the hard miles” of conferencing.

Her shiny new object is “The Stackies..” Which is an award ceremony focussed on brand’s tech stacks. Honestly. WTF. Well I’m not sure I totally get it but in essence Julie talks about how brands can bring storytelling to their tech stack to help explain it to the C-Suite.

We talk about how “AI and Machine Learning will be much more disruptive than ecom ever was” and then we get derailed into predicting who will invent artificial general intelligence. Despite her over apparent smarts Julie wants her career to be remembered for her “curiosity, energy and kindness” and I hope that this podcast lays testament to all that being very likely.

If you’d like to put a face to my voice I’m speaking at Data Driven Creative New York on November the 7th.

Tom Ollerton