Voice / Lawrence Weber / Managing Partner / Karmarama

‘Be clear about what you are good at, and stick up for yourself’ this quote comes from Lawrence Weber Managing Partner at Karmarama this week on the Shiny New Object podcast.

Lawrence is one of the most successful innovation people in town. He was a key player in the development of Unilever’s Foundry - one of the most successful and celebrated brand-led startup programs anywhere. He did this by fighting the ‘Tech Tourism’ of agencies and has done the right thing by giving adtech startups the time, money and attention of brands - not just parading them to make his agency look cool.

His shiny new object is ‘Voice’ technology such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. He tells us that there’s “a magic in it – that is quite accessible”. He concedes that Voice doesn’t have a place for every brand in the same way years ago that people on social “didn’t want a relationship with their toothpaste”.

Lawrence is a lovely chap and it was a huge privilege to pick his brain for an hour.

Tom Ollerton