Bluestripe / Andy Oakes / Managing Director / Tech Spin

“I didn’t see how Google was going to make any money” this quote comes from the brutally honest Andy Oakes - Managing Director of Blue Stripe - this week on the Shiny New Object podcast.

Andy has been one of the most influential figures in British marketing in the last fifteen years; starting with New Media Age magazine and then growing The Drum in London from one person to fifty. He now runs the strategic communication agency - Blue Stripe. Andy’s passion is working with disruptive tech businesses who need help making themselves more famous. He always asks his clients “what makes you good?” not “what makes you different?”

Andy’s shiny new object is Tech Spin. He gives us an outsider’s perspective on how the industry gets caught up in new headline grabbing tech. His advice is to brands is to try out the new marketing tech for themselves. Don’t outsource your innovation.

Andy is smart, funny and as honest as they come. And has built his businesses ethos around trust and integrity and isn’t ashamed to admit his mistakes. Including how he lost £4K in cash in Cannes. Listen to the podcast here to find out the whole story :-/

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