Episode 53: FUTR Group / Rupa Ganatra Popat / Founding Partner

“It’s ok to fail and not be so hard on yourselves.”

This quote comes from Rupa Ganatra Popat the Founder of FUTR Group and Mad World Summit.

Rupa has made it her mission to unite innovative startups’ technology and thinking to the brands that need them. The FUTR events pull in around 30K visitors a year as well as growing into a knowledge and inspiration sharing platform. Rupa has created a global community coming together to answer the question “innovation is a must, but where do you begin?”

Rupa is a do-er and makes things happen. She’s not one to sit around and build powerpoint decks. She insists innovation thrives on failure and this is why big brands struggle with it. Her view is that larger brands and retailers innovation ambitions are stifled with legacy systems and need a whole new way of looking at innovation.

Rupa gives us insight into how she uses mediation to keep her grounded when the stresses of running two massive global events in our “24/7 industry”.

Rupa’s Shiny New Object is The Handwriting Company who are an AI robotics company that can replicate your handwriting at a massive scale. This is opening the door to a new world of personalisation in the real world.

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