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“Saying you are “busy” is a humble brag and a mental illness at the same time.”

This quote is from my interview with Rosie and Faris Yakob this week on the #ShinyNewObject podcast.

Rosie and Faris run the “nomadic creative consultancy” Genius Steals that “advise creative businesses about their businesses.” But the real creativity is their lifestyle - they don’t have a home. They have spent the last five years wandering the planet helping creative businesses refine their propositions travelling from country to country following the work.

Their capacity to wrap up an insight into a soundbite is remarkable:

“Originality is a myth. You can’t invent without inventory.”

“Things have to get cheap before it is innovation and stops just being technology”

“Distracting ourselves from ourselves is what reality is all about”

“When you are used to constant stimulus you go crazy when it stops”

“Gratitude is the foundation of joy and happiness”

Things get weird when we discuss how CRISPR the gene editing technology could be the marketing tool for the 2020s. Whether they are right or not won’t affect the fact this podcast will live long in your memory - or as they put it “being memorable is sometimes better than being right.”

The pre-podcast beers were kindly provided by the wonderful @andy Oakes at the equally wonderful

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Tom Ollerton