Social Media Week / Crowdcentric / Toby Daniels / Founder

“We’re on a path to tech slavery”

..this quote comes from my conversation with Toby Daniels Co-founder & CEO at Crowdcentric Founder & Executive Director at Social Media Week.

Toby sees 2019 is an inflexion point as we realise that society’s tech utopia has not panned out as we’d hoped. He calls for us to reset our relationship with tech and work out how we get it to serve us.  His first step is for us to look at our economic models and ask ourselves are they working along with our needs? Is tech serving us on a human level?

Toby is a successful entrepreneur who has learned how to balance life and work the hard way. It took him his entirety of his 20s to realise that his health has to come first. He warns of the dangers and irresponsibility of entrepreneurs promoting #struggleporn. It’s all about balance for Toby.

He makes a conscious effort to avoid the daily news “its’ not helpful, it distracts and doesn’t promote deep and competitive thinking.” He says we should be “conscious and intentional” about the content we consume.” His solution for avoiding distracting scenes is to travel to meetings on a bike - “If you are on your bike, you can’t use your phone” - genius.

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