Sony Mobile Europe / Seb Bardin / Head of Digital / Mobile

“When I take risks they are positive, even if they fail” this quote comes from Seb Bardin the Head of Digital at Sony Mobile Europe - this week on the #ShinyNewObject podcast.

This interview is is a teaser ahead of Seb’s presentation at on the 28th of November. Seb is successful marketer but one of his secrets is that he’s a keen gamer. Despite holding an influential role he plays every night from 10pm at night to 1am in the morning - and he still gets up at 6am to be the first in the office.

Trust in his agency and trust in his team is central to Seb’s work. This belief has taken him from Shell to Symantec to Sony and he tells us “every morning I’m happy to go to work”.

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Tom Ollerton