Episode 51 - Wayin / Richard Jones / CEO

“Don’t lose focus in your business by letting your top salesperson become too influential in the company”

This quote comes from my conversation with Richard Jones CEO of Wayin this week on the #ShinyNewObject podcast.

Richard is remarkably frank in this episode stating that “he is responsible for a couple of for a couple of f*ck ups a week.” This transparency is backed with hard-won advice such as “you need the self-awareness to accept your mistakes.” Richard’s ambition is that his colleagues remember working with him as “being the best and worst of times.”

Richard’s Shiny New Object is ‘Personalisation in the New Age of Privacy.’ His view is that since Cambridge Analytica; Tim Cook, Satya Nadella and Unilever are calling for changes to privacy laws with five US states are focussing on implementing their own GDPR-like legislation. This is going to change the freedom marketers have. “We've been in the third party data economy and are now moving into a first party data economy” where brands won’t have the same abilities to use Facebook and Google’s data. It’s Richard’s view that from now on brands will have to fight hard to create their own data.

Richard’s solution is to collect more first-party data than your competitors by building online experiences that give a clear value exchange to the consumer. Wayin are an established player in this space and have been making this work for Air New Zealand and Bowtech. You can hear more about these case studies on the podcast.

For more insight from Wayin (who sponsored this podcast) go to https://www.wayin.com/resources/

Richard’s recommended book is David Novak’s ‘O Great One’

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